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  • Apartment 264 was great. Location and amenities were wonderful. Lots of locals and restaurants. Only challenge compared to other aprtment rental company's we used was the time and hassels of the formal contracts.

  • We stayed in app #78 and it was the most exciting stay in Paris we every had. Nothing like having a dinner in a classic and spacious dinning room, having the Tour Eiffel on your balcony :) As for the agency, I was very happy with the services. Helen definitely outdid herself! She was very helpful, never said no and helped to extend our location for one more week. I am recommending this agency to all my business partners and friends. Thank you for unforgettable stay!

  • Many thanks to all Glamour Apartments stuff. We really enjoyed our stay in Paris! We are planning to come back Paris next year...

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Without obtaining the tension of expenses you revel in your trip for greater than one day and can have conveniences. The flats are fully furnished and you can get all the equipment that is necessary there like television, refrigerator, kitchen appliances and other electrical devices. Moreover the services range from the phone connection, web accessibility, laundry, manicure, pedicure, massage in the recommended clinics organized by the organization. They will have the information of best potential services present in the city that is offered to any or all clients on demand. For almost any sort of comfort level they do the efficient work with the aid of proficient and handled staff.
If your deal breaking on your own rent assess the conditions associated with the notice period. It changes from one arrangement to other. Generally, you will need to supply a notice period of 3 months to your own landlord. In the event you are organizing to relocate to your business, the law permits one to give a notice period of 1 month in both conditions. Start from the end of your work, though it's not compulsory, to get prepared your move together with your contract and complete instruction in Paris.
It's not a secret that Paris has been attracted an incredible number of tourists for the last several ages. Why thus? Firstly, Paris is a genuine ethnic pearl in a necklace of the entire world culture. You are able to have a great time all year round there. Paris will amaze you any instance of the year irrespectively of the current weather. However, do not forget that the impressions of the trip might be actually spoilt if you don't think about renting a flat or booking a hotel room. Is there any difference between those two options?
Now, there are several significant things to consider before two weeks ahead of departure. You should touch base by means of your landlord to plan the closing ?tat-des lieux on your closing day in the apartment. You should get in touch with your bank account supervisor if you are likely to leave France and upgrade new address, to discuss shutting your bank account.